Unitec – 44542 Schuko H05VV-F 3G Extension Cord 1.5 mm² / 5 m White (German Import) by Unitec


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Effortlessly remove unwanted spills and stains of concrete and cement by transforming it into an easy to remove putty residue. Working on most surfaces - Biostrip Concrete Remover cleans away concrete splashes fast.
Specially designed to safely remove concrete splashes and stains from a large number of surfaces including mortar, granite and ceramic tiles.
Safe to use around plants and metals, Biostrip Concrete Remover is fully biodegradable and is one of the safest acid based cleaners on the market. With a powerful but gentle fume free formula this product is safe to use indoors as well as outdoors.

Instructions for use

As a Concrete remover

1. Apply the solution directly to the stain to be removed. Leave in place until the stain has been converted to a putty
2. Remove the remaining residue by scraping or brushing. The residue can be disposed of as household waste

As a Cement Mixer/Tool Cleaner

Can be used as a wash for cement mixers, tools etc
1. Apply an even coating across the entire surface being cleaned.
2. Allow all dirt and residue to soften before washing away with clean water/pressure washer. The residue can be disposed of as household waste.