Brand New Microfibre Hair Wrap Hair treatments keratin moroccan hair oil growth drying spa – Microfibre Hair Wrap Drying Bath Shower Head Towel (White) by BEAUTY BOUTIQUE


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Lightweight and super absorbent, this microfiber hair wrap quickly soaks up excess moisture to save time drying hair. It is perfect for wrapping up wet hair during deep conditioning treatments, too. Also, use to keep hair clean, dry, and out of your face during baths, facials, and make-up application. Just slip over wet hair, twist and loop and secure with button to securely hold the wrap in place uniquely designed for that perfect fit. One size fits all The microfibre towel is specially designed to dry hair faster and limit the damage caused by blow drying and prevents frizzy hair and cuts down split ends. Once youâ€TMre out of the shower, slip this on for 10 minutes, the microfibre will dry most of the moisture in your hair, Spending less time with Hot Blow-dryers and reducing damage to your hair, Let face it â€" most of us get exhausted after blow drying, Dries hair 3x faster than ordinary towels and only weighs 40gms, very comfortable and lightweight on the head compared to ordinar